Why is it that people with the last name of Stroffolino seek out others with the same last name? We used to search in phone books when visiting a new town. Now we have the internet.

My Grandfather and most of the ancestors of the Stroffolinos that have contacted me were from Forchia, Italy, a Hamlet between Caserta and Benevento.

Chuck Struffolino sent me some pictures of his trip to Forcia. I've scanned some into my computer and put together a photo page, which was lost when I changed IPs! OOPS.

Here's a list to a Italian and genealogy related links page that I made a long time ago. Not sure how accurate the links are right now.

Many people who share my surname have contacted me through the internet. Follow the links for details about their families, or check out the Complete List which is a little long for one web page, but is a better format for printing.

Any corrections or additions would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to me at: maria AT britecloth DOT com

NOTE: I'm going to stop adding new names to this page because so many people have contacted me it's getting confusing! I will bold the names of people I've had direct contact with on the family and complete lists. Another change is that for various reasons I'm going to delete all email address links.

Giuseppi (aka Joseph) Henry Stroffolino (1898-1944)
Son of Dominic and Carmela (Donofrio) Stroffolino emigrated from Italy and settled in Reading, PA. He was my Grandfather.

Joseph Thomas Stroffolino, Sr. (1897-1971)
Tom and Joe's Grandfather and patriarch of The "New Jersey Stroffolinos"

Michael Stroffolino (1880? -1945)
arrived in NY in 1906 from a city near Naples (maybe Caserta?)
Christina Stroffolino's Great-Grandfather & David Struffolino's Grandfather

Joseph Stroffolino (1879-194?)
Rosemary's Grandfather and Jacqueline's, Matthew's and Kelly's Great-Grandfather, landed in NY in 1900 and settled in Conneticut

Michael James Strofolino is Julie's Grandfather,
Gayle Strofolino is her mother.

Gino & Angelo's Family
Therese (1898-?)
Angelo Stroffolino (from Forchia, Benevento region of southern Italy - near Naples.)

Mario Stroffolino (from Italy)

Angelo Stroffolino (1874-1935)
Chuck and Ron Struffolino's Grandfather, and Michelle Greenwood's Great-Great Grandfather.

Maria's Family (from Montreal)

Two Additonal lists:

First, an alphabatized List of other Stroffolinos living in the US that I've come across through internet searches.

Alphabetized selection from the Social Security Death Master File. This is a list of deceased Stro/uf(f)olinos who are on the SSDMF.

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