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A lot of lists on this web site are out of date. For more recent stuff check out my LiveJournal. For pictures check out: My Livejoural Gallery or my Flickr acct.
MS Challenge Walk BriteCloth.comMy tie dye business is in the middle of a growth spurt. In my "spare time" I sell tie dye stuff I make at events and on the web.
CalendarThis calendar has a bunch of events I think are worth attending in the coming months. It also includes events that I'll be vending at (or hope to be vending at.)

The Stroffolino Page
Flying Wolf gif The Flying Wolf was first published as a desktop publishing assignment in 1996. I've modified it for the www. Check here for info about me and things I've been doing. (or was doing.. hasn't been updated in a while)

Maria's health infoCheck out my Health Page. I'm totally re-doing this and it's going to be more about ME then general health information.

TMG gif

Visit the web site that I've developed for my employer, The Maccoby Group. You can find out what I do there at

And, lastly I have a page of organized links that you can check out.

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