The Flying Wolf
Summer 2001

Welcome to the electronic edition of The Flying Wolf, which is updated by Maria Stroffolino whenever she darn well feels like it.

2001 has been a busy year so far. I'm still on the board of directors for a local social organization and am on the committee for the 2001 world Science Fiction convention that'll be held in Philadelphia over Labor day weekend. I've also made it to two Sci Fi cons this year (Arisia and Balticon). In date order here's some of the other things that have been keeping me off the streets:


I was asked if I could give a tie-dye workshop at FSG this year (that's the Free-Spirit Alliance's annual gathering in June). Now, I've never been to FSG but had heard many things about it. Morgen's grown up going to it and had been very dissappointed (alright, pissed-off) that we wouldn't let her go the previous year. Committing to the workshop seemed to be a good way to provide her a way to be able to attend and get me some exposure since I am trying to sell my tie dye. So after much thought I told Eve I'd do the workshop. That's a picture of Morgen and her friend in front of my vendor space.

Sales were slow (for alot of the vendors), but the workshop went real well. If they want me to, I may even do it again next year.

We were visited on Saturday by the remants of tropical storm Alison and (lucky us) the real heavy rains started while we were at the workshop so noone was around to relieve the pools of water that accumalated on top of the canopy. Half the thing caved in and I spent a couple hours at the laundrymat. Despite that adventure and a plague of migraines I had a good time. I had a long overdue conversation with a dear friend by the fire circle (much to the amusement of our 'audience') and that alone made up for the low points.

Visit to Reading

In May I spent some time visiting relatives in Berks County, PA. My Grandmom and I drove around a bit and stopped at City Park in Reading, PA. This park is across the street from my high school and I was very surprised to see how much it's changed. In 1999 a Women's Veterans Memorial was added and somewhere in the last couple years a Vietnam Veterans Memorial was also added. (But the castle at the playground is still there!)

I then spent some quality time with my dad and enjoyed beating him at cribbage.

Brian Youmans & Alia Atlas Marry

My good friend, Brian married Alia in Boston on 3/31/01. What I can say? I'm so very happy for them! :)


On January 5 I became the proud owner of a 2 bedroom townhouse in Montgomery Village, Maryland. It's got a small fenced in patio area, a driveway and a small balcony. The larger bedroom is my office/craft room and I had a sink installed in one of the closets so I have somewhere other than the kitchen sink to make my dyes.

I like the location. While it's only 9 miles away from where I used to live, it's much closer to rural roads. It's also only a 2 minute walk to the safeway, 7 minutes to a major transit stop where I catch a bus to the metro (the return bus stop is right around the corner), and 10 min to a large mall.


I rescued this ex-stray from the humane society and named him Chessie. Being the doting mother that I am I've got many many more pictures of him and have put them on a separate page.


Lots more pictures of Chessie.

Winter Vacation (12/'00)

On a whim I purchased really cheap roundtrip tickets for Morgen and myself to San Francisco over the December holidays. I didn't know then that I'd be closing on a house days after my return!

I rented a car through Hertz's #1 Gold club and they upgraded me to a convertable. (it was supposed to be a compact!) Even though it was cold we HAD to have the top down as we drove up and down Rt 1 south of San Francisco. Top down & heater on.. Here's a picture of the car and one of us that was taken by two strangers who just happened to be from the DC area also. (I'm the one hiding under the hat).

I'll write more about this trip later... Morgen and I have many more pictures too.


Last year my sister, Laura, graduated Suma Cum Laude from Temple University on September 7th, 2000. I got her a web address, but couldn't get it hosted so I set up a lame page that has some pictures from graduation day and a few pictures of her pets.

Ride for Kids

Photo of the 1999 Ride For Kids The last two September's I participated in the Columbia, MD Ride for Kids, a motorcyclist's fund raising event that raises donations for pediatric brain tumor research. Over 1000 motorcyclists participated in this event in 2000 and I look forward to doing it again in 2001. I'm always looking for donations and other riders to join me.

Here's a picture I took at the 1999 Ride for Kids in Columbia, MD.
picture of debbie The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S., a 501(c)(3), non-profit charity, operates the national Ride for Kids¨ program. Funds raised at Ride for Kids¨ events support the mission of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S. including: the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors, building a national family support program, and increasing public awareness of the disease. I am doing this In memory of my childhood friend, Debra Potter (1964-1973).

Interrupted Vacation (Summer '00)

Luray Caverns After spending a couple days trying to catch up on things that had been piling up on me during the previous very hectic months I rode my motorcycle to the Shanandoah National Park for a 6 day camping trip. David also rode his motorcycle and our friend, Pattie, drove his car with Morgen and our camping gear. The weather was perfect, although the first couple nights were on the cold side. Other friends joined us the next day and we had a real nice time hanging out and visiting Luray Caverns. On Sunday morning, after just warning Morgen to be careful because the dew covered grass was very slippery, I slipped down a hill. My left knee twisted behind me and that was the end of my vacation. Boots and Suzanne drove me to the hospital while the rest of the group went tubing as planned. While I was being examined they took Suzanne's son, Byron, back to Luray Caverns and went in the hedge maze armed with squirt guns. It sounds like they had a lot of fun! photo of hill with deer

I was given a brace and crutches and a prognosis of strained soft tissue and I should be better in a couple weeks. Since I couldn't bed my knee at all and David was the only licenced motorcyclist I arranged for a place to store my bike and Boots and Suzanne gave me a ride home that night. David, Pattie and Morgen had to break camp the next day without me.

Healing did not go as quickly as expected and during the follow-up appointment 2.5 weeks later I was told I probably strained the tendon and showed symptoms of a possibly cartlige tear. The following Friday (almost 4 weeks after the injury) I saw an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI. Luckily there was no tear, but the ligament was sprained.

Got a New Toy

So this one really hasn't been 'keeping me off the streets'. I got a new toy last May (that's May 2000). It's a Honda Shadow VLX delux. I will try to remember to get a better picture of her. I actually rode her to Philly and back on a single day a couple weeks ago. Over 300 miles! Plus the trip really helped me feel more confident on her. (she's alot bigger than my old Rebel!)


Well, that's all for now. If you''e looking for a previous 'article' here's old stuff from the past.